Laka House

In Hawaiian mythologyLaka is the name of two different popular heroes from Polynesian mythology. (In other parts of Polynesia they are known as RātāRataLataAta, or Lasa). Lengthy legends of their exploits extend throughout the islands, and the kings of Tahiti and Hawaiʻi claimed them as their ancestors.[citation needed]

In one Hawaiian legend, Laka is the son of the Ali’i nui Wahieloa and Hoʻolaukahili, grandson of Kahaʻinuiahema. He plans to sail to Hawaii to avenge the murder of his father, but his canoe-building is thwarted by the little gods of the forest. Because of his offerings to the great gods, however, they give him two outriggers that binds together for his long voyage. He and his companions successfully steal the bones of his father from the cave of Kai-kapu.[1]:263

Community Perks


Aina Connection

Community is crucial.

Kumukahi is a village that gets back to the root of what community really means. If you’d like, you can find your role in community by helping out with various aspects of off-grid living and farm life. Or you can relax and enjoy the seriously healing vibes of the property. It really is a magical place. When you arrive, you’ll feel it right away.

Set up a hammock, take a yoga class, spend time in the gardens. Meet amazing community members. It’s time to grow!

All houses and rooms at Kumukahi are part of the community and share in the abundance of all the accomodations.

Rooms availability depends on several factors. Get in touch with us to see what is available.

As an intentional community, we work together to set good examples with our actions, communicate openly and non-violently and care for our surroundings. We all make mistakes and that’s okay. We’re here to learn and grow together!

As a community member of Kumukahi, you’ll be expected to help us uphold our principles of caring for the land and one another and to do your best to take responsibility for your actions and your space.