Village Facilities

Off Grid, Self Sustaining

Kumukahi Village is totally off grid. We generate and store our own power, we collect and filter rainwater, and we grow everything we possibly can.

Our goal is not just sustainability, but regeneration of ourselves, the land and our community at large.

Open spaces for learning & Grounding

Our community spaces are being developed further into classrooms. We’re bringing in local Hawaiian experts and other inspiring and amazing individuals and groups to teach and uplift our village with classes for the body mind and spirit.

Returning to the village

We are building a village. A place of open, non-violent communication. Where we learn from, work with and help one another.

We aim to take the best elements of past village life, integrated with current and past Hawaiian culture, while highlighting new strategies for sustainable construction and systems.

As an intentional community, we work together to set good examples with our actions, communicate openly and non-violently and care for our surroundings. We all make mistakes and that’s okay. We’re here to learn and grow together!

As a community member of Kumukahi, you’ll be expected to help us uphold our principles of caring for the land and one another and to do your best to take responsibility for your actions and your space.