Rethinking Community
Kumukahi Village aims to set the best possible examples for how to live and work together using the best of old world and new world ideology.
Regenerative Practices
Integrating and co-creating with indigenous culture to honor the land and eachother is cornerstone to creating not just sustainable culture, but regenerative culture

Kumukahi Village is an intentional community set up on the beautiful big island of Hawaii. We are focused on integrating with the culture of the big island and honoring the aina. We are co-creating a regenerative, healing, communicative, and playful space for community. Come join us!

Welcome home

Kumukahi Village is on 20+ acres on the big island of Hawaii. It’s one of the most peaceful, well-kept and beautiful centers on the island. Close to the ocean, lava tubes hikes and more.

On the land you’ll find a healthy orchard of fruit trees, lots of space to roam, beehives, space to meditate or do yoga, a very large event venue, super clean water and off-grid energy. We have a large events space for hosting community events, yoga, classes and more.

Off-Grid, Regenerative Living

Stop by

We are a private community. If you want to check out the grounds, contact us to arrange a time to stop by.

Interested in living in an off-grid intentional community? Get in touch with us.